The coaching conversation is a confidential talk between equal partners, client and coach – an inspirational process where clients, as experts of their own lives, seek answers within themselves. The creative exchange guided by the coach maximizes clients’ personal and professional potential.

The goal of the session is seeing the situation from above, creating awareness, and preparing an action plan.

The coaching conversation gives you:

  • The chance to stop and explore: who am I, what do I need, and how am I getting it
  • A view “from above” of your situation, providing you overview and detachment
  • A discovery: in what am I unique, where is my inner strength, and how can I build on it
  • Identification of true values, and ways of expressing them in life

As needed, we provide tools for systemic coaching, life coaching, business coaching, and team coaching.

Our coaches are trained in line with ICF standards, and certified nationally and internationally.



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