In cooperation with top international trainers, we offer the following in training and development:

    This is an intensive development program for senior managers, HR managers and team leaders. A truly unique and practical program, lasting two days, it focuses on the balance between character and ability indispensable in transforming into a highly effective leader. The seminar is held regularly at the Business Essentials office, at Jakubovo square 13, Bratislava.
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    Our training, custom-fit for each client, targets effectiveness in management and leadership.
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    We provide these services to both individual managers and team leaders, geared to enhancing effectiveness through personal and professional development.

Dr. Ardawan Lalui

worked over 20 years as Managing Director, R&D Director and Project Manager in Ireland and the Czech Republic. As a consultant, coach and trainer, he has cooperated on numerous projects throughout Europe. Currently residing in the Czech Republic, he is working for several international companies in the Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, England and Slovakia.

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eTREND: Konkurencia je ako nešťastná pubertatréningy

"I would like to thank you again for your invitation to the ‘Leadership Development Programme’ seminar I was honoured to attend on 27-28 November 2012. I take the liberty of mentioning in particular the charming trainer, Dr Lalui, whom I regard as a unique and thus invaluable motivator for life and work. An unsurpassed personality! I never before had such an experience, and I’m sure I will benefit from it for a long while."

Mgr. PhDr. Vladimír Kollár - Sales & Marketing Manager, Merck Sharp & Dohme, s.r.o

“Dr. Lalui has the capability to address and relate to individuals of different age and occupational background while creating an inspirational and productive atmosphere among the group reflecting on leadership and management through intrinsic human values and behavior. His lecturing is both intuitive and inquiring, but indeed based on a wealthy common-life and professional career experience. However complex our everyday and working environments are, Dr. Lalui suggests we seek for solutions using a communication of mutual respect and thoughtful understanding of differences. He cautions against depicting the world in black and white tones, but at the same time accentuates firmness is required when dealing with basic principles.
The demonstration of leading by example, meaningfulness in life and work, seeking for excellence in simplicity and reinforcing fundamental values is especially compelling and comforting in times of crisis or post-crisis recovery. The experience of witnessing Dr. Lalui’s lectures resembles the insight and contentment following the repeated reading of an excellent book which, even after many years, surprises us by not only being still fresh and inquisitive, but also, as always, unveiling the truth and wisdom of life’s experience.”

Dino Ajanovic - Country General Manager, TNT Express Worldwide, Slovakia