Our personnel consulting firm began its work in the Slovak market in early 2006. We offer our clients comprehensive service in employee selection, personnel consulting, personal leasing, seminars, training and coaching.

Our network and experience focuses on the following sectors:

  • pharmaceuticals and health
  • finance
  • FMCG
  • IT & telecommunications
  • manufacturing

The prioritization of values and principles, surely the most significant aspects of doing business, is what led us to start our work here, and helped us get established. The basic values we strive to apply every day as we work and communicate with others are truthfulness, honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness. These principles also gave us our name: in today’s environment, trust and principles are truly BUSINESS ESSENTIALS. We believe that the building blocks of any company are people who consider it essential to develop their abilities and their character.

“Focusing on the balance between character and capacity
makes it possible to transform into a highly effective leader.”

Our discussions with clients center on the highest standards of personal and professional ethics, diligence, authenticity and trust. Our interactions with each individual aim for responsibility, respect and dignity. Urgency, too, is something we respect, as we work to satisfy requirements with maximum speed and deliver services with all discretion and tact.